Welcome to Amazing Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd

Amazing Travels and Tours Sdn Bhd is a licensed Malaysian Travel Agent operator that is officially registered with the Ministry of Tourism and the Treasury (license no. KPL/LN 3411). Formed in 1996, Amazing Travels and Tours Sdn Bhd is a very experienced company that specializes in handling only inbound travels needs. It is Bumiputera owned and led by young , aggressive and experienced group from the  tourism industry. To date the company has more than fifteen years of experience in this field of work


Once recognized the potential and opportunities in the tourism industry, we started our business on a small scale. We began as a tourist guides and that is our early beginnings. We are also proficient in a number of foreign languages and that has become our strength in the business of handling inbound tourists and tours from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In our group, we have the ability to communicate in more than seven languages, including Bahasa Malaysia, English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Cantonese and French.


The handling of tour packages increased progressively over the years. At the beginning we operated with just one vehicle but we increased our capacity in order to meet with the growing demands. To date, our vehicle fleet consists of:-


    1. Ten (10) Bus Coaches  (40-44 seater capacity)
    2. Five (5) Passenger Van (12 seater capacity)
    3. Two (2) buses (25 seater capacity)  and
    4. Five (5 units) MPVs


In keeping up with the demands from tourists, we continuously look at upgrading our fleet by replacing them with the new ones. Amazing Travels and Tours also have an extensive network with several transport agents (affiliates) that provides full support as demand increases.


Over the years, Amazing Travels and Tours have built excellent relationships with the local hotels and restaurants and shopping centre to make our tourist most welcome. We have very attractive rates to suit the different needs of our guests. To accommodate our foreign guests, we have very capable in-house personnel that are able to communicate in either in English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi (spoken only), Tamil and French.

Our Services

  • Itinerary Planning for tour groups
  • Airport Transfers
  • Full Day tours / Half Day around the capital city
  • Shopping Tour
  • Tour at all fascinating destination in Malaysia
  • Transfer tour groups to Singapore and to Southern Thailand
  • Outbound Tours
  • Reservation & Ticketing services
  • Hotel Reservations

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